Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gotta Get Outta This Town.

Hey Y'alL!! Im going on vacation!!! This Thursday, Tyler and I are headed to Nashville and I can not even express how pumped I am!!!!! We are meeting up with one of our best couple friends, Taylor and John to go see my favorite men, Widespread Panic play on Friday and Saturday night!! They are playing at an amazing venue, The Woods at Fontanel. I could not be more excited, it been over a year and this will the tour closer, AKA a guaranteed good time!!
So after our rowdy weekend with friends, Tyler and I have decided to stay for a few more days to explore the town. Nashville is just one of those places that I have never been to but for some reason I know I will fall in love with! Knowing myself, I'll probably be like "lets move here" after a few hours!!
I can't wait to go honky tonkin', wear my cowboy boots, eats some down home food, and get away from it all for a little bit!!! I will say, I was hoping to finally get to wear some of my summer clothes but the forecast is calling for rain the whole time we are there, bummer! Im sure we will make the best of it anyway!!!
Also, since none of us have ever been to Nashville before, I'm enlisting all of blogger buddies to help me find the most amazing places to go!! Have you been to Nashville before?? Whats not to miss!! Thanks for your help!!!! And whoo hoo for vacation!!! Where are you going?

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