Sunday, April 28, 2013


1. I love exploring new towns with my favorite boys, Cash & Tyler!! We recently took a trip to Moab, UT, check it out here

2. There has been incredibly too much snow here recently!! Is it spring yet!?!?!?

3. Here is a taste of some a amazing shots I took while in Moab, and this was one was just with my phone!!! Refer to number one for the real deal!!

4. I LOVE OYSTERS! I had so much fun forcing my sister to eat them for the first time!! Load it up on crackers and hot sauce, yummmmmmm!!!

5. The other day my friend stopped by with his brand new puppy, Snickers!! What a cutie!!! The Cash Man loved playing with him!!!

6. This weekend Tyler and I participated in an awesome highway clean up! We picked up trash for three hours and then were treated to this amazing mountainside barbecue with live music and incredibly delicious food, not your average grill out people!! I had beet and kale salad, tabbouleh, sweet potatoes and a world class veggie burger! Oh and Bonus: we won a $25 gift card in the raffle! what what!!!

7. My little Mogelsby loves to climb on top of my bed frame. (I think she just wants away from Cash)

8. This picture cracks me up!!! I cant tell if his expression is "Im so excited I dont know what to do!?!?!" or "You better start running because Im coming after you with my chainsaw" 

9. A bunch of my friends and I got a little tipsy on closing day and ended up at Hibachi!! needless to stay, we were definitely the rowdiest table there!!!

Thats all for now folks!
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  1. Great pictures! Looks like an awesome time!

  2. I love Moab! I grew up in Salt Lake City Utah and miss it so much! I would always wish the snow would go away and now living in Texas we get none and I want it back! :(
    Great pics :)