Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Day with Tay.

I know a lot of Taylors. Like more than the average girl should know. One of my favorite Taylors came up from Denver for a play date this weekend! We had a blast hanging out with our pups in the snow, drinking bloody mary's, and talking about life.
BONUS: I am still working on figuring out my new camera and it was a great opportunity to take some shots!! Here is what I came up with:

{What a Beauty}
{Cash & Aiko, Best Buds}

{So much space to cover, So little time}

{A Train along the Colorado River}

{You cant Run from my Kisses}
{Cash pondering life}


She is one of those epic friends who I dont see all the time (we live in different cities) but when I do, it is as if no time has passed. I was so appreciative of the great talks we had and the laughs we shared this weekend!

 I cant wait until next time!!

Who are some of the Taylors (or just great friends) that you have?

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