Thursday, February 28, 2013

Be Grateful.

Today has been a rough day at work. One of those pull your hair out, end of the month, have to meet your quota kind of days. Rather than whining and crying about it, Ive decided to make a list of what I am grateful for today.

1.) I am grateful for my dog Cash, no matter how much he can frustrate me, at the end of the day his cute puppy look will always put a smile on my face.

2.) I am grateful for the blessing of good food. I love that I can choose to eat healthy delicious meals that make me feel better about myself.

3.) I am grateful for the sunshine. It is after all, a beautiful day.

4.) I am grateful for English Breakfast tea and the warm cozy feeling it always brings to me.

5.) I am grateful for my comfy bed which I can not wait to get into tonight. (running on three hours here)

6.) I am grateful for Tyler, and the "just because" flowers he bought me yesterday.

7.) I am grateful for good music. I just know its going to be a jam session afternoon!

8.) I am grateful for Aspen Trees. Their beauty always brings me a sense of serenity.

9.) I am grateful for my new camera, I love developing new hobbies. (no pun intended)

10.) I am grateful for good friends and laughter, I am excited to have a playdate with some of my best gals tomorrow.

What are you grateful for today??

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ski Joring.

What the Heck is Ski Joring???
Thats a question 99.9% of people would likely ask. However if you are from my neck of the woods, you know that Ski Joring is the ridiculous sport of being pulled by horse off a jump on skis, down the middle of a street! Yes, thats right my friends. Ski Joring.
If you have never attended a ski joring competition (which you probably havent) just know that it is an event that involves whiskey, screaming, and cow bells!
Here are some highlights from this past Saturday:

So now you know, if you ever hear of Ski Joring, you need to get your heiny to the show, cause it is a guaranteed fun afternoon!!
Come join me in Colorado for the finals in a few weeks:

Have you ever been Ski Joring?? Let me here your thoughts!!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Danielle Ate The Sandwich.

A little while ago I had the amazing experience of seeing Danielle Ate The Sandwich at one of my favorite venues up here, The Vilar Center. I had never heard of this girl before but as soon as I read her name I said "I have to go!" (I mean right!?!? How awesomely random is her name) Anywho, I'm so glad I did. So literally, I am not joking you when I say during this concert I was both hysterically laughing and hysterically crying at the same time. Must have embarrassing for my boyfriend, sorry Charlie!! (his name isnt Charlie) Maybe it was just a certain time of the month but I think it was more Danielle. She is witty, heartfelt and hilarious without even trying. One of those girls you meet and instantly are like "Damn, I wanna be her best friend" I guess one could say I had a bit of a girl crush! I hope you fall in love with her as much as I did cause I really think she is the cat's pajamas!!
Check her Out:

{the first one I heard, "Faith in a Man"}

{Her new jam, "Bad Habit"}

{I think this one made me cry, "Where the Good Ones Go"}

Get it now?? 

PS: Leave a comment, I wanna hear yo thoughts!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

my town.

I had such a great time yesterday walking around Vail and taking pictures, all the while pretending I was a tourist. It can be so easy to take things we see everyday forgranted, I loved looking at all those places that I appreciate with a new eye. I hope you enjoy the pics!!

PS: I am obviously still working on my picture taking and collage making abilities!

{The famous Vail Clocktower}
{This Teddy Bear has been here since I was 3}

{Ice Sculptures along Gore Creek}

{The Covered Wagon}

{My uncles Sculpture, George Tobolowsky}

{Whats Up, Al?}


Wednesday, February 20, 2013



Well, Im not really a real boy but I am a real blogger!!
Thank you so much to the amazing Lauren of The Perfect Pear Design for helping me to create a blog that I absolutely adore.
It was so much fun to collaborate with her. She is extremely talented and also has an awesome blog.
I am so excited to start posting more regularly and meeting other bloggers in this super chill and tight knit community that I have found.
And here is a little something for you in the meantime:

"Like Rick Ross"

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lennon & Maisy.

When I first found out about these amazingly talented sisters, I was instantly in love!!
Here is some happiness for your Saturday Afternoon Enjoyment:

PS: I have also become secretly addicted to the ABC Show, Nashville. After watching quite a few episodes, I realized that they play the daughters!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

These are a few of My Favorite things.

These are a few of the items around my house that make me happy every day. I have inherited them randomly from my journeys through antique stores, DIY Magazines, and relatives' garages. Look for a description of each item below. enjoy!

 {a random Ram's head}

 {some amazing vintage suitcases}

 {a tin hanging lampshade}

{some DIY bookshelves}

{an antique lantern}

{a collection of wooden pictures}

1. This Ram's head was a FIND if Ive ever found one! I found it in our local thirify shop and litterally yelled SCORE!!! I think I paid 7 bucks for it but it still had the original price tag on it for OVER 200!!! Isnt that some craziness!!

2. I love these suitcases!!! I got them at the most amazing antique mall in Dallas that is unfortunately now closed!! I use them as a nightstand and they have traveled with me all over. (not as my actual suitcase though) BONUS: they act as storage containers for off season clothes!!!

3. I think this "chandelier" hanging over my dining table is the bees knees! I scored it at a rummage sale, AKA mecca for cheap awesomeness!! I believe it was made in Mexico, its punched bronze and silver tin!

4. I needed good bookshelves for my living room, and I had a concrete idea of what I wanted them to look like. This is one project that turned out better than planned! I dragged Tyler to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and found and this amazing thick piece of weathered wood! I got it for TWO dollars!! We cut it down to make two shelves, slapped some brackets on and threw em up on the wall!! I love THEM!!!

5. How cool is this lantern?? When Tyler's grandmother was moving houses, we helped her clean out her garage and found this gem!! She was so kind to give it to us along with a bunch of other old camping gear. The camping gear has proved pretty useful but this was just to pretty to be thrown in our storage closet with all the other stuff!!

6. Last but not least is this arrangement of wooden frames that I always put in my bathroom!! The first is this fabulous old picture of a cowboy sitting in a barrel bathing, boots in tow of course. Then of course I have one of my fav pictures of Janis!! Also, a super cool mirror I found who knows where that reads "DAMN IM GOOD"! If these three things are daily inspiration, I dont know what it!!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fam Bam Thank you Ma'am!

***Skiing w/ Jay, Christy, & Kenny***

***Lila Ann***

***Uncle Tyler***

Ty's Fam is IN the Mountains!! 
I had a blast this weekend spending time with my fabulous boyfriend's Parents, Sister, Brother in Law & of course lovely little Lila lady!! We got to ski a little bit, chill a little bit and just hang out spending some quality bonding time!
I feel so lucky actually enjoy my better half's family!! I can't wait to see them all again at little sis Kelley's wedding this summer in Virginia!!
Thanks Krazy Kraft's for a fun few days!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Here goes nothin. . .

I dont know why I decided to start a blog. I just did. I figured, that I have all of these great ideas (or ideas that I think are pretty darn nifty anyway) and I wanted to get them out of my head and share them!! I thought, blogging sounds like an adventure, one id like to dip my toes into.
People will tell you that I am not the most technologically inclined, so this adventure should be an interesting one! I am excited to share it with you along with my real life, non cyber space ones!!
I am one of the lucky ones, living in God's playground: Vail, CO!! The mountains remind me every day to stop, take a deep breath, and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us all!
I am excited about this new journey in the blogosphere and hope you tag along for the ride!!
Much Love,