Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Music you Should be Listening To!!

I live for new music. I love discovering new tunes that just put a smile on my face. Its funny how a simple melody can change your whole day! Here are a few songs that I have been jammin to recently!

Numero Uno: Steve Martin & Edie Brickell, "Love Has Come For You"
I know you all know Steve Martin as a hilariously funny actor/comedian, but did you also know that he plays the banjo!! Check out his bluegrass band, the Steep Canyon Rangers! I love their first album! Well his new project is with the legendary Edie Brickell (I love her)!! I am so excited for the release of their album!!

Numero Dos: Mayer Hawthorne, "The Walk"
Now this is not a new song, but its somewhat new to me! I just love it. Makes you want to strut down the street sayin "damn I'm fine"!!! Haha Its such a fun one, definitely a feel good song!!!

Numero Tres: Bronze Radio Return, "Shake, Shake, Shake"
Okay so maybe Im a little bit late to the party on this one but that's nothing new for me! (actually Im usually pretty punctual) but anywho, I really like this song, and this band for that matter. They are kind of Mumford & Sons esque. I really love this song, its mellow but upbeat it that sort of indie way we all secretly love!

Numero Quatro: Boy, "Little Numbers"
This happy little tune has such a great melody. Tyler often makes of fun of me for shamelessly loving new age female vocalists, but hey they call themselves Boy so that counts for something right?!?!

And thats all for now folks!! What music are you currently jammin???


  1. Good stuff. You must be hot.

  2. Oh I am a huge Steve Martin fan (especially in the music spectrum)... did you see him on Letterman the other night?!