Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Best Sofa Ever.

So I am in the market for the BEST SOFA EVER! Let me tell you, I absolutely love my current couch but the time to retire it is drawing near. That poor baby has been dropped out of the back of a truck (and not in the "it was stolen" kinda way), and most recently subject to the extreme terrors that are known as kitten and puppy. Its been chewed up, stitched up, spilled on, shed on, and possibly even peed on! (although I hope not, GROSS!!!) I have had a good run with that bad boy but I think its time for an upgrade!!
These are a few of the couches that have initially caught my eye:

So I have three main requirements for THE BEST SOFA EVER! It has to comfortable, duhh! We love to snuggle up and watch movies, eat dinner, and do pretty much everything on the couch!! It is our living space after all! The second is that it has to be stylish, I have a pretty set aesthetic going on in my home so it must fit in with all of my current pieces. Lastly it has to be durable and life proof! I know, I know, that is kind of two requirements but they are also kind of the same thing. I mean this couch is going to see a lot of action and it needs to be able to withstand the test of time!! It will succumb to many dogs, many friends, and maybe even  a few spills!! Ill try to keep last one to a minimum but I have been called clumsy before.
Anywho, check out these six couches that I absolutely adore! Although not all may be practical, they certain are stylin!!

1.) Okay, this one is from Anthropologie. If I could afford to, I would probably fill my entire house with items from Anthropologie. This is their tufted ditte sofa.

2.) Okay, this one is also from Anthropologie! I know I should probably have been more versatile but again, I just love their stuff. This is the leather Winifred Settee.

3. This is from another of my absolutely favorite housewares shops, Wisteria. It is a reupholstered version of the French linen settee

4.) This is probably the only practical couch on this list. I looked at in the store the other day and instantly wanted to buy it! It is so deep, that two people could easily spoon with no awkward, uncomfortable positions!! It is Crate & Barrel's Lounge Sectional. 

5.) I saw this on Casa Sugar which is an awesome website if you have never been there before. It is a pretty classic chesterfield, which is a style I absolutely adore!!

6.) How fun would it be to have a bright colored sofa!?!? Could you imagine orange and hot pink tribal ikat pillows on this baby!! I'm swooning already. This gem can be found at Room & Board. It is the Murphy sofa in teal. 

Well now that I am drooling over all the these beauties, I am really feeling the itch to buy a new sofa. I'll be sure and let you know when I do!!

What do you think is THE BEST SOFA EVER?? Let me hear about your couch!!


  1. betsy! we miss you like craaaazy! loving your blog, lets definitely swap! ill email you!

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