Friday, March 15, 2013

All Dogs Go To Heaven.

So I have known since starting this blog that in order to let my readers get to know me a bit more, I am going to have to do a post about my late dog, Koda. I have not known however, when the appropriate time would come. Well this morning, I received some sad news that led me to believe today is the day.

Let me digress, my next door neighbor's dog's name is Mr. Briggsy. Mr. Briggsy was the sweetest, most well behaved gentle sole. He went everywhere with Greg. I loved having the opportunity to dog sit him and walk him as often as possible while mourning the loss of my dear friend Koda Bear. He really helped me through that difficult time. This morning I ran into my neighbor and he gave me some heart wrenching news. Last week, out of the blue, Mr. Briggsy got cancer and passed away. I instantly started crying. (I am one of those people that almost gets more sad when animals die than people) I know from recent experience, just how difficult it is to lose your four legged best friend!! Here is a picture of Mr. Briggsy cuddling with my kitten, Moglie.

{Briggsy & Moglie}

{Koda Bear}

Okay, so without further ado, Koda.
Almost nine years ago, I was driving down the street in Denver and happen to see this nappy wolf looking thing wandering on the side of the road. I pulled over and approached him and I noticed he had a collar on. I called the number on the tag only to find a disconnected line. He seemed so scared and sweet and helpless. He hopped in my car without any hesitation and we drove straight to the nearest vet. They found that he had been microchipped and tried to contact Koda's registered owners. He was about three years old. They told me that if I wanted to keep him I could and if they could still not contact his "owners" after three weeks, I could officially adopt Koda and register my information to the microchip.
I guess I just had a gut feeling that this poor soul had been abandoned. It seemed as though he had been on his own for quite some time. I took him to the groomer, who shaved him in order to rectify the disgusting situation which was his dreddy, matted fur. And then we went to the pet store and stocked up on supplies. I spent what seemed like a small fortune on him. My roommate and friends thought I must be out of my gourd to do all this for a dog, I didn't even know if I could keep. But I knew. I just somehow knew that Koda would be my mine forever.
The first few months with Koda were difficult. I had never known a dog like him. He was terrified, unaffectionate, and distant. Not at all like the silly labs I had always grown up with. He spent most of the time hiding in my closet. There was a part of me that feared we would never be connected but still I knew I could never abandon him like his previous owners.
Slowly, with persistent love and care, Koda started to come around. Within a year, we were inseparable. Koda came everywhere with me. He was my sidekick. He became the mascot for the store I was working in at the time. He always rode shotgun as we ran errands. We spent countless hours playing at the dog park. No matter what we were doing, he was always by my side.
Despite his size and intimidating looks, Koda couldn't have hurt a fly. He would let children and small dogs alike tug on his fur and play with his bushy tail until their hearts content. He was without a doubt the most mellow dog I have ever met.
Over the past year or so, he had really started to slow down. He wasn't bolting through the trees quite as quickly on our hikes or diving into the rivers with the same bounce. I took him to the vet as a precautionary measure, they said he was in good shape and overall physical health for his age. About a month later, I went out of town for a friends wedding. The day after I returned, June 7, 2012, was one of the worst days of my life. I had gone to bed around 10pm and Tyler stayed up. He was outside talking to the neighbor when Koda stumbled outside. Tyler came rushing in and woke me up telling me "there is something wrong with Koda" At first I thought he was joking, and as he persisted, I realized that i should probably get out of bed. When I did, Koda was still laying outside, he couldn't move and his eyes were black. I had never seen anything like it and I knew something was really wrong. We carried him inside where he just laid in my arms, gave me a kiss and then stopped breathing. It all happened so fast. I was hysterical. I had never experienced a loss quite like this.
I still mourn Koda's death every day. I miss him so much, more than anyone will ever truly know. He meant the world to me and always will. Looking back, I am grateful for how it happened. I am grateful for not having to put him down, but for the fact the died in my arms, and peacefully. I take comfort in knowing that he is now frolicking in doggie heaven alongside Mr. Briggsy, Buster, Samy, Artie, and all of our other dear pets that have passed. I am confident that he is smiling, and running, and chasing squirrels until his hearts content.
Koda Bear, I love you and I miss You.

 Tell me about all of your pets, past and present! I love love love to hear about what four legged friends mean the most to you!!


  1. I know Koda was awesome, but Buster was and always will be the best! love ya baby sis!

  2. Ughhh that's so hard! I cry just thinking about my current pets passing away years from now. I have a little pug named Tuffy and a corgi named Gizmo and they are seriously my furry little children. Love them both so much!


  3. As the companion to a small animal herd (4 dogs and 3 cats) and the past foster to numerous lovely critters, I empathize completely with this post. When you love, you mourn the loss when they leave. The tears I've shed for those furry friends I've lost over the years could water a garden but the smiles...oh, the smiles that they brought to my...they were the best and worth it all.

    Thanks for sharing your story of Koda Bear!