Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Quilted Flower Pot.

I have seen tutorials for this AWESOME project a few different places, like here and here.
I needed a fun, easy, and CHEAP craft to tackle on this lazy Saturday afternoon I am having! As I browsed through my pinterest boards, I was reminded of this gem and said BINGO!
So here we go, my version of the coolest looking pot around! 

What you will need:
  • Some sweet fabric (the thinner the better), I used remnants of an old, ripped, Anthropologie quilt I had laying around. (apparently those things aren't machine washable)
  • Mod Podge, AKA a crafter's best friend!
  • a paint brush, any one will do
  • a terra cotta pot
  • scissors

Okay so check it, this tutorial is so easy that is almost doesnt even require steps. However since I guess I am trying to make this post all legit, I will attempt to tell you the "steps" to this project!
Step 1: Gather all required accoutrements
Step 2: Use scissors to cut fabric to appropriate size. (you want it to completely cover the exterior or your pot and fold over the top and bottom)
Step 3: Use Paint Brush to coat the pot with Mod Podge.
Step 4: Cover Pot with fabric, smooth as you go.
Step 5: Carefully fold fabric over the top and bottom of the pot (tip: it helps to cut vertical slips in the fabric)
Step 6: Coat the entire pot with Mod Podge to seal it
Step 7: Watch it dry and . . .
 VOILA, you have a beautiful new planter!!!

As you can see in the above picture, I decided to fill mine with some gravel and use it as a make up brush holder!! Have fun with this one folks, I know I cant wait to make many many more!! And bonus, I knew that I was holding on to that old quilt for a reason!!
What other easy crafts should I give a whirl today???

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