Saturday, February 9, 2013

These are a few of My Favorite things.

These are a few of the items around my house that make me happy every day. I have inherited them randomly from my journeys through antique stores, DIY Magazines, and relatives' garages. Look for a description of each item below. enjoy!

 {a random Ram's head}

 {some amazing vintage suitcases}

 {a tin hanging lampshade}

{some DIY bookshelves}

{an antique lantern}

{a collection of wooden pictures}

1. This Ram's head was a FIND if Ive ever found one! I found it in our local thirify shop and litterally yelled SCORE!!! I think I paid 7 bucks for it but it still had the original price tag on it for OVER 200!!! Isnt that some craziness!!

2. I love these suitcases!!! I got them at the most amazing antique mall in Dallas that is unfortunately now closed!! I use them as a nightstand and they have traveled with me all over. (not as my actual suitcase though) BONUS: they act as storage containers for off season clothes!!!

3. I think this "chandelier" hanging over my dining table is the bees knees! I scored it at a rummage sale, AKA mecca for cheap awesomeness!! I believe it was made in Mexico, its punched bronze and silver tin!

4. I needed good bookshelves for my living room, and I had a concrete idea of what I wanted them to look like. This is one project that turned out better than planned! I dragged Tyler to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and found and this amazing thick piece of weathered wood! I got it for TWO dollars!! We cut it down to make two shelves, slapped some brackets on and threw em up on the wall!! I love THEM!!!

5. How cool is this lantern?? When Tyler's grandmother was moving houses, we helped her clean out her garage and found this gem!! She was so kind to give it to us along with a bunch of other old camping gear. The camping gear has proved pretty useful but this was just to pretty to be thrown in our storage closet with all the other stuff!!

6. Last but not least is this arrangement of wooden frames that I always put in my bathroom!! The first is this fabulous old picture of a cowboy sitting in a barrel bathing, boots in tow of course. Then of course I have one of my fav pictures of Janis!! Also, a super cool mirror I found who knows where that reads "DAMN IM GOOD"! If these three things are daily inspiration, I dont know what it!!


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