Saturday, February 23, 2013

Danielle Ate The Sandwich.

A little while ago I had the amazing experience of seeing Danielle Ate The Sandwich at one of my favorite venues up here, The Vilar Center. I had never heard of this girl before but as soon as I read her name I said "I have to go!" (I mean right!?!? How awesomely random is her name) Anywho, I'm so glad I did. So literally, I am not joking you when I say during this concert I was both hysterically laughing and hysterically crying at the same time. Must have embarrassing for my boyfriend, sorry Charlie!! (his name isnt Charlie) Maybe it was just a certain time of the month but I think it was more Danielle. She is witty, heartfelt and hilarious without even trying. One of those girls you meet and instantly are like "Damn, I wanna be her best friend" I guess one could say I had a bit of a girl crush! I hope you fall in love with her as much as I did cause I really think she is the cat's pajamas!!
Check her Out:

{the first one I heard, "Faith in a Man"}

{Her new jam, "Bad Habit"}

{I think this one made me cry, "Where the Good Ones Go"}

Get it now?? 

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