Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ski Joring.

What the Heck is Ski Joring???
Thats a question 99.9% of people would likely ask. However if you are from my neck of the woods, you know that Ski Joring is the ridiculous sport of being pulled by horse off a jump on skis, down the middle of a street! Yes, thats right my friends. Ski Joring.
If you have never attended a ski joring competition (which you probably havent) just know that it is an event that involves whiskey, screaming, and cow bells!
Here are some highlights from this past Saturday:

So now you know, if you ever hear of Ski Joring, you need to get your heiny to the show, cause it is a guaranteed fun afternoon!!
Come join me in Colorado for the finals in a few weeks:

Have you ever been Ski Joring?? Let me here your thoughts!!

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