Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Texas State Fair

Recently I went home to Dallas for a short weekend jaunt. It is not that often that I find myself missing Texas, but this time of year something always has me yearning for a Flethcher's Corny Dog and spin on the Texas Star. State Fair time is the best time of year in Dallas. As a kid, we always got to take a school holiday for it. As I have grown up, I have learned that not all fairs are like the Texas State Fair. In fact most other State fairs that I have been to do not even exist in the same realm of reality in which the Texas State Fair lives. Naturally, everything is bigger in Texas. It is more like a full blown amusement park than a State Fair. It goes on for three glorious weeks in October, so you if you have never been to the Texas State Fair, I highly recommend you add it to your bucket list. Here is a small taste of what you can expect:

Are you planning your trip yet?

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