Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Howdy Y'all, Thats what Im talkin' like now 'cause I got back from Nashville LATE last night!! And then of course I had to be at work at 7:00 am this fine morning. It is safe to say I am a bit tired!! I have soooo many great pictures and stories that I can not wait to share with you from our little trip, however all that aint ready yet!! So until I can get all that together, I wanted to give you a little taste!!

1.) Arnolds Country Kitchen. the most amazing Chicken n Dumplings known to man.
2.) The boot wall at Goodbuy Girls! I want to live in this store, no joke.
3.) Ernest Tubb Record Shop, legendary.
4.) Gruhn Guitars, I only wish I knew what to do with all of these beautiful instruments!
5.) Hatch Show Print, maybe the coolest place around, "Heavens to Betsy"
6.) The one and only John Bell EVERYBODY!!
7.) A shot of Kim of Goodbuy Girls in Hello Boys
8.) Roberts Western World, a honky tonkin good time
9.) The Ryman Auditorium, history at its finest.

Make sure to tune in to my blog in the next few days to get real picture of what my trip to Nashville was all about, I feel pretty confident in saying, "I dun this town right"!!
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  1. I love these photos! I just stumbled across your lovely blog...and look forward to reading more. You have a new fan (and follower!).