Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A little something about nothing.

Sorry I have not been very diligent about posting recently. In all honesty, I have not had any grand ideas or explorations to share with you. Do you ever just wake up and feel BLAH! like nothing at all, not good or bad or angry or happy or sad or anything!! Well I have been having a bad case of the Blahs lately! There is so much going on around me that I guess I just don't know how to feel. I want to take it all in but it is proving to be a bit challenging. There are so many mixed emotions when I think about leaving this beautiful place where I live and so many decisions to be made, maybe I am just a little overwhelmed. And then there is money. That stupid little green piece of paper that has the power to take such control over our lives. Let me just say it: being an adult really stinks sometimes!!! Like realizing that you have to make rational sacrifices like missing a good friends wedding or skipping out on one of your favorite band's concerts!! Sometimes I just wish I was five again when my biggest decision was "crayons or markers" and I only worried about things like "the best way to pull this loose tooth out". Yea, those were the days man!!! 
Well there comes a time when enough is enough! I have to remember that only I have the power to decide how I am going to feel and I don't want to feel blah any more!! Have you ever heard the phrase that "fine" really stands for "frustrated, insecure, neurotic, and emotional"? (Yea, I had some serious therapy as a kid!) Well I'm turning Blah into an acronym as well and I think it stands for: BOISTEROUS, LIVELY, AWARE, AND HAPPY!!!!!!! Hows that for your daily kick in the pants!! So I have decided that:

I know that great things lie ahead for me! I am so excited about my future and blessed that I have the best partner in crime to share it with!! Today, I am going to enjoy the sunshine and enjoy the mountains! I will take each thought as it comes and not stress about the small stuff but "live and let live". So thank you for listening to my rants and rambles and remember that life is what we make it. I'm leaving you with one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite authors:


  1. Being an adult does suck! And we all have our BLAH days. Maybe the BLAH days are to make us appreciate the not blah days even more:)

  2. Awesome, I totally get what you mean. And being an adult does truly suck...I say it on a near daily basis.

    feathers and ash