Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wish List Wednesday

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1) I have been in search of a neat vintage globe for some time now. Confession: I just bought this one!

2) I love this wooden platter set, I kind of have an issue with collecting platter, but hey! you can never have enough right? And, also have you heard of Noonday Collection? AMAZING!

3) These boots/shoes!! I'm in love and I need them in my closet, Like Now!!

4) This ring is so simple yet packs so much character! Anthro can do no wrong!

5) I recently purchase a new (old) buffet from this great antique store and have been looking for the right tray/decanter combo to display my booze on it!

6) Tarpesrty, something everyone needs to own! I have been pining for one ever since I met the masterminds behind this concept in the lot at a WSP show a few years ago. Its a tapestry with a tarp on the underside! Genius! I definitely need to purchase one as we are approaching concert/picnic season!

7) Wouldn't it be nice to have a hot tub? YES! And since I rent my home, this inflatable one is the perfect solution!

8) These bowls are so neat! I love the combination of rustic elements and a pop of color! I'll take a pop of color on anything!!

What are you currently coveting? I would love to know!

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